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Ministation Game Controller Gamepad
Ministation Game Controller Gamepad
Product name : Ministation Game Controller Gamepad
Item : HW-S001
Price : Ministation Game Controller Gamepad
Details :
  • Multi Platforms: Work with PC Windows, Android, Tablet, Steam OS, OTG USB Wired Adapter Cable Cord

  • Support Hardware Upgration: Makes the controller compatible with keep Coming New Games

  • Double Shock Feed back Vibration Motors,Supports XInput DirectInput DInput Mode

  • Wired Mode/Wireless Mode

  • 16 button design with two high precision variable joysticks

Product Description

Ministation Product Description

Please Notice the Android cellphone need to support OTG . Also due to limitation for the battery transportation, our game controller doesn't come with 2 AA battery. customer need to prepare by yourself.
XInput is the API for "next generation" controllers, to provide full support for gamepad game controllers in PC Windows operating systems, and is described by Microsoft as being easier to program for and requiring less setup than DirectInput. XInput is compatible with DirectX version 9 and later.
Experience the console-style gaming with this compact, comfort, ergonomic gamepad. Easy to use with its familiar shape and layout, it supports new games with XInput / DirectInput mode as well as old favorites! Specification:

Support X-input, D-input and Android native games
Multi-Mode : Xinput / DirectInput, Plug and Play - limited to the PC games that support the Xinput Mode.
For PC Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10: Please install the DirectX 9.0c or above and the Xbox 360 Controller Offical driver for the best compatibility
For Android OS (above version 4.0): Please check the device supports the USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) function
The vibration will function if the PC games supports it and runs in the XInput Mode
Package Content:

1x Wireless Gamepad Controller - Supports XInput DirectInput DInput Mode, Shock Vibration Feedback for PC Windows, Android, Tablet, Steam OS, OTG USB Wired Adapter Cable Cord
1x 2.4GHz Wireless Dongle Adapter
1x USB OTG Adapter Cable

Product Information

Product Dimensions 6.3 x 4.7 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight 8 ounces
Shipping Weight 1.8 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Manufacturer HonWally
Customer Reviews  
4.9 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #568 in Video Games > Accessories 
Date first available at Amazon.com July 13, 2016

Important Information

Seller Warranty Description
1 Year Warranty

Top Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
So far Ive found the transition to using a controller very difficult on games that Ive played awhile (GTA V). I'm hoping learning it from scratch in a new game might help me along a little better.
This device works very well, the wireless functions perfectly with no lag and the wired mode changes nothing in my opinion except the freedom to move around without wires. Most controllers cramp up my hands immediately but this one feels nice, its grippy almost rubbery surface means its not going to slip out of hand and the standard Xboxy layout and well engineered Dpads and controls feel responsive and well made. The device has a decent weight to it above the plastic and dual AA batteries. Ive been playing with it pretty steady for a few days now and there's no sign that the two batteries are wearing. The USB cable is well maid braided line that is super long, 10-12 feet and will reach even a remote PC. There's no setup of really anything to do but turn it on and load your game. seems pretty easy for me. I'm going to test it on this Unravel game that I find difficult to play on the keyboard. Really was much better with the controller though I have to remember new buttons. I think if I get the right settings it will be easier but thats just a configuration issue and does not detract from the device. I thought id need a special program like x360ce_x64 to get it working in GTA V, but that's only useful if you alter the standard control configuration. I do have one problem with GTA V now with menu's cycling like there's a key stuck but I'm sure that's also in my configuration and my phone doesn't open but using the controller changes that as well so I probably have to either use it and disable the other inputs or unplug it while the game is running and use my standard control set.
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Verified Purchase
This controller really blew me away! Honestly, I've never heard of this brand, so I didn't have super high expectations but I'd been looking for something for my Android tablet, and this seemed worth trying. I was totally blown away by this. The quality of the joystick and buttons is on par with any major brand's controller, and the included cables and wireless connector make it very easy to setup. I was able to play Neon Shadow seconds after installing with no setup whatsoever once it was plugged in, and...I'm just really surprised that this doesn't feel cheaper.

I recently did a review on a Steelseries Nimbus (which is kind of the controller to beat, even though it's for iPhones) and I would say that this is very much on par with that. In some ways it's actually better, since the Nimbus only comes with the controller where this comes with a USB cable, an adapter, and a wireless usb connector for PCs. If I had to make one complaint about this, it would be that there isn't a built in battery, and this uses two AA's to run. It's not really a big deal since you can just plug the controller in directly. Also, if you're traveling it would be easier to swap out batteries than wait for a Lithium battery to recharge.

I was offered this item at a reduced price in return for an honest review, and honestly I'm glad I gave this a chance. From a quality perspective, this is on par with any console controller, and it's just as (if not more) versatile. I'm very happy with it.
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Verified Purchase
Length: 3:12 Mins

- Material: Slightly softened hard plastic throughout other than rubberized joysticks. There is grip tracing on the handles, but they are not rubberized.

- What’s in the box: 2 removable grip pads for the joysticks, very long braided micro-USB cable, OTG cable for connecting to the phone, wireless dongle and of course the controller.

- Power Type: 2 AA batteries for wireless mode (not included), Wired works without batteries.

- Layout/Size: Same layout as an Xbox controller, feels a little bit smaller.

1. Very smooth buttons – hardly any stiffness or click to the buttons. Maybe just a tiny bit up the upper trigger buttons, but not bad.

2. No lag during wired or wireless mode.
3. Included joystick grip pads
4. Included OTG cable to connect controller or dongle to your phone
5. Nice compartment to store the USB dongle when not in use.

Things to note:

1. The gamepad has two different modes – Ximput and Dinput. The default is Dinput, however, Ximput is required for most modern PC, Android, and steam games. If your controller is not working with your game but recognized by your computer, this is likely the reason.

You can switch modes by holding down the middle M key for 5 seconds.

2. EXTREMELY low rumble – barely noticeable.

Overall Impression:

I bought this controller for PC gaming, mainly for Dragon Age and Battlefront. So far it’s worked great for my needs.
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Verified Purchase
Fantastic quality for the price. Super comfy grip and thumbsticks. Great design that it can be wireless or wired. Very cool the wireless dongle tucks away inside the controller. Now all our bases will be yours!
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Customer Questions & Answers

  • 0 
this controller can not connect with PS4 either with XBOX ONE 
By HENGWEILI on September 12, 2016  SELLER 
  • 0 
It might if you have a lightning to micro USB b cable. It does not have bluetooth built in so it will not work that way. I do not own iOS devices so I was not able to test that out. It you purchase one and they do then please let us know. 
By Alex on September 15, 2016 
  • 0 
Hello Dear Sydney this controller doesn't compatible with XBOX ONE, but it works with XBOX 360. 
By HENGWEILI on September 21, 2016  SELLER 
  • 0 

well, if your Mac Installed with windows system, it is ok . but if it is ios system. i don't think it will work. if anybody find the way, please let us know. 
By HENGWEILI on September 21, 2016 

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